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How long do Sprinter van transmissions last?

Good question. We have a client with 840.000 miles on 2015 Sprinter. He has an original engine and original transmission. Why are one break transmission after 150.000 miles others use up to a million miles?

The answer is simple: it all depends on how you use the Sprinter Van. If you have an aggressive ride style (pedal to the metal) and/or you have a hundreds stops per day (mail delivery) then your transmission has a short lifespan .

If you use conservatively, do not overload, and only on the highway, then you can expect a big run.

Tips for extending of the transmission live on your Sprinter:

1. Do not overload van

2. Conservative Driving Style

3. More miles on the highway than in the city

4. Do not tow

5. Change the transmission fluid every 30K-40K

Recommendation: When it is time to change the transmission fluid, demand your mechanic to flush all old fluid from the transmission and from the torque converter too. (95% of the US shops drain only 50% of the old liquid). Almost all dealers do not flush from the torque converter. Do not let them fool you: Only complete transmission fluid replacement, not partial. Knowing that they are all cheating. Create a transmission fluid color test in your presence. If the color is not pink (blue in 7 speeds) then they want to fool. Require from them to make a transmission fluid color test in your presence. If the color is not pink (or blue 7 speeds) then they want to fool. Read more on www.Sprinter.Repair

Andrey Fedorovskiy (Oceanside CA) 840.000 miles on 2015 Sprinter

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