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How much does Sprinter Van service a cost?

Quick answer: With new Sprinter for the first 100,000 miles you will spend on service from $5,500, but if you service at dealer, then the price will be two-three times more. The second 100,000 miles you will spend on service and repair from $9,000. As the van agrees, additional repair costs are required (additional to regular service). Keep in mind that these are minimal costs (without serious repair) if you need engine replacement price can be up to $14,000 (at dealer over $17K).

Before buying Sprinter calculate what it will cost to service.

For many years of repair, we have detected that most often the largest and expensive repairs have only those customers who ignore the regular and annual service. For example, transmission repairs. (rebuild) will cost you $3900+ and a week of waiting, this repairs could have been avoided if you make a regular replacement of the transmission fluid (every 30k-40K miles) and ride conservatively. Regular service and non-aggressive ride style prolong the life of the Sprinter.

Want to buy an used Sprinter van?

If you want to buy an used Sprinter van, then you need to request a deep inspection from professional. Very often, the seller wants to sell the van after 100k-120k at the moment when the van needs a large services: replacing belts, pulleys, tensioners, water pump, compressor and etc. Keep in mind that every 100,000 miles you will be investing in the repairs from $1500.

At the same time, we need to understand that if the previous owner (or driver) mocked the car, had an aggressive driving, then a serious repair will be required.

Why do many owners sell their sprinter after 120.000 miles?

Simple answer: They want to shift expensive repairs to the buyer. It happens when Sprinter owner passing 120k miles find out from the mechanic that there is a great expensive repair approaching. And it stimulates him to sell his car before big repair.

Recommendation: Before buying a Sprinter, you need to make a deep inspection ($100) at the experienced Mechanic shop. What pre-purchase inspection for free? Call us and ask. If you are in San Diego be sure to visit us. Sprinter Service & Repair in San Diego and Vista. Two locations one Great service.

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